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    This is the section for when you want your Land Rover to have a bit more ponies under the hood.

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    COR4 Engineering Land Rover accessories

    Davide Corsetti was the founder of the legendary brand Equipe4x4. The landing gear and accessories from Equipe4x4 been copied worldwide several times. But the Spirit of the brand was never reached.

    After many years Davide needed a new challenge and he decided to separate from his partner and his original company Equipe 4x4. 

    In 2010, Corsetti established COR4 (Corsetti-ENGINEERING). As a developer and actual head of the original brand COR4, Corsetti sets new standards in the product development.

    The production of COR4 is near Milano where Corsetti works with CNC Lasercut-machines, bending machines and drilling machines. He offers high quality, best Engineering for best quality guaranteed.

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